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Co-Balt was created to give Baltimore’s entrepreneurial community a place to thrive.

Our mission

To be a hub where our city’s businesses can connect, grow, and succeed.

Why Co-Balt?

Co-Balt is a beacon for Baltimore’s professionals, innovators, and organizations. We’re here to serve our professional community with three key pillars.

One-of-a-kind building

Co-Balt was built in a building with a rich history: an empty church in the heart of Hampden featuring original stained glass windows and vaulted timber ceilings. In the past, our building was a hub for gathering, community, and connection. Today, it embodies that same spirit as a beacon for Baltimore’s professionals and businesses.

Our space boasts inspiring modern eclectic architecture and is in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Baltimore. Just minutes from downtown, the interstate, and the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants of Hampden’s famed Avenue, Co-Balt puts members in the middle of the action.

Unique member experience

We are entrepreneur-built and small-business driven. Premiere but not elitist. Beautiful but approachable. Serious about what we do but still up for a good time. We are fun, energetic, and service-oriented.

We fuse the amenities of a large office with the close-knit culture and autonomy of a shared workspace. And we know the idea of a workspace means something different to each person, so we focus on creating a member experience that offers something for everyone.

Close-knit Community

We invest in the community within our walls, in our neighborhood of Hampden, and in Baltimore as a whole.

We foster a strong professional community by helping create connections between members—both personal and professional. And we are passionate about giving back to our city by thinking hyperlocal, supporting Baltimore-based businesses, and offering locally made products in our workspace. 

Our vision is to serve Hampden and become a center for the community—both personally and professionally.

Our Story

We created Co-Balt while seeking a new home for our own small businesses. We wanted a space that would be flexible as we grew. But we quickly found out that flexibility is hard to come by. And we refused to be confined by finite square footage and long-term leases.

We realized that the old way of approaching office space isn’t what today’s businesses need. And rather than conforming to an outdated way of working, we founded Co-Balt as a place where we could craft our own environment and culture.

We created Co-Balt to provide our city’s professionals and businesses with a better way to work, connect, and thrive, and in turn, to enrich the community of Baltimore.